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Germany Tour '09
With over 3,500 photographs taken, we have had to make two Galleries to accommodate the pictorial record of the highly successful first Tour. Click the images or the links below to go the Gallery of your choice. Thanks to all of the members who took pictures (I think). Please be patient whilst the images load - there's loads of them.

Jigsaw Sound Choir Shrewsbury - Germany Tour 2009 Jigsaw Sound Choir Shrewsbury - Germany Tour 2009
Gallery 1
Including: All of the concerts, Bacharach concert dinner, wine tasting and trips to Freiburg, Strasbourg, Wolfach and Rudesheim.
Gallery 2
Including: Koblenz, Cologne, and Cochem, The Last Night (proposal), and a special album of Vern and Adam, plus The Tour Bear.

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